Suzy Porter – Social Worker

Thank you for visiting. My name is Suzanne Porter, a children and family  professional social worker based in Contra Costa County in the East Bay Area of California. I work in the field of children and family services. As part of my work, I provide support to families and parents that includes therapy, parenting classes, and anger management.

Every child deserves a safe and stable home that offers a foundation to grow, learn, and thrive. My role is to work with parents and kids to create a more stable and positive family environment.

Thousands of children’s lives are saved each year by caring professionals and volunteers who look out for a child’s welfare. Teachers, police, social workers, nurses, judges, and concerned family members are just a few. Unfortunately, on very rare occasions, a child must be removed from their home as a last resort to protect their safety. Family reunification is always the goal.

As a professional dedicated to providing help and support to people, I understand the undeniable importance of all social work professionals, not only to our individuals, families, and the community at-large, but also to various segments of the population.  Many people depend on social worker as a source of support and guidance.

Such vulnerable populations often include: 


Too often, minors are in the most need of a support system that stands up and looks out for their best interests.  Social workers strive to strengthen families, stabilize family relationships, and create more hopeful and positive environments for children throughout the community.  Helping a person early can stave off problems later in life.

People with Disabilities

Those with physical limitations many times require the help of professionals to meet and overcome challenges head on. Advice for parents who are raising children with disabilities is also important to share strategies and support.

Those Coping with Grief/Loss

Social workers are a much-needed source of support to many coping with the loss of family or loved ones. Talking families through the grieving process offers hope and healing.

People Struggling with Addiction

Overcoming substance addiction can be a considerable hurdle for many, and social workers are often the people addicts can trust to guide them through the recovery process.

Suzanne PorterIn my career, I have worked as a Clinical Supervisor in youth group homes, I have also worked for Contra Costa County as a social worker, and managed non-profits supporting foster youth. I have worked with Interfaith blended families and all denominations. My duties have included testifying in court, responsibility for the oversight and supervision of a team counselors, managing scores of volunteers, as well as providing family therapy to kids who were on their way to reuniting with their parents. 

My interests include empowering women and families, healthy eating options to support overall well-being, and STEM technology in our schools. As this site grows and I share more posts, I look forward to sharing more and connecting with families all over.

Suzanne Porter is the name on my office door, but you can call me Suzy.