About Suzy Porter

Suzy Porter is an experienced social worker in Contra Costa, California. Suzanne graduated from Sonoma State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her education established the foundation to launch a career helping children and families through education and social work. Ms. Porter has contributed to social programs both back East in New England in the Boston, MA area, as well as in California in Concord for CPS in the East Bay.

Suzy Porter Social WorkerOne of her first jobs was as a high school AP Psychology Teacher. After completing her studies from Sonoma State University, Suzanne Porter studied at Meridian University in their graduate program in Imaginal Studies. The program has an archetypal, neo-Jungian flavor, sometimes referred to as Imaginal Psychology, that takes an approach emphasizing creative expression via sandplay therapy, play therapy, and art therapy.

There, Ms. Porter learned about expressive and art therapy while at the institute. With this knowledge and training, Suzy Porter began working with children and families as part of Contra Costa County CPS social services in 2014.

During her career, Suzy Porter has worked with youth in group home settings. As a social worker she worked for Cherry Lane, as part of their  Youth Homes organization. At the Walnut Creek, California-based program, Suzanne enjoyed applying her training and experience to help adolescents who has previously struggled with life in the foster care system, primarily due to behavioral issues. In that role she served as a Clinical Supervisor within the youth program.

Suzanne Porter, social worker in Contra Costa County since 2014, is rewarded by the daily opportunity she has to make a real and substantive difference in people’s lives. As one working in the field of child and protective services, Porter gets the chance to help families and stand up for the needs and protection of children each time she goes into work, making her an integral part of the system that helps keep children safe, healthy and happy throughout the course of their young loves.

A passionate advocate for the rights of women and children, around the world, Suzy Porter, is a social worker fighting for our local families and community.