April Fools Reality

It is April First, which is April Fool’s Day. A day for pranks, fake news, and gags at the expense of other’s credulity.  I say it is time for us to treat EVERY DAY like April Fool’s Day.

Fake news and click bait stories have taken over my newsfeeds. Between memes, and viral stories, and the press falling for official lies, we all need to be more skeptical of what we see online. 

Rubbing cucumber on this to cure that, or $1 Million gifts from African princes, or lies from politicians, it seems the internet if a big filterless fire-hose of misinformation.

Spoiler Alert: Your Brain is the Filter!

Be more skeptical of what acquaintances share as fact, push back on stories that seem to good to be true, and most of all be critical and logical about hat your share.

Education is the cure. The more we learn from diverse sources, the less susceptible we will be to one megaphone feeding us fake news.  Beat Fake News: More Science in Schools says Social worker Suzanne Porter

Have you ever been the victim of fake news? I know I have. The space I work in as a social worker is filled with family tragedy. The goal is to reunite families in the CPS process, but the truth is that some people are not well enough to safely care for their kids.  After dozens of hearings, trials, counseling sessions, and home visits, some people may lose custody of their offspring. When this happens, it is for very good reason, and judges and lawyers and agencies have come to the conclusion. But my name is the one the deranged parent remembers as the point of contact, and I get dragged through the mud.

I have made steps to clean up my feeds of fake news and click bait. I look for a reputable source for any story. Snopes is a great source to verify a tale that sounds too tall to be true. Ultimately, many of these phony posts fail the sniff test so bad that a simple Google search can reveal the facts in five seconds.


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