Suzy Porter says: Hello world!

Suzy Porter dot Com domain secured! Blog software installed! Commence blogging! Suzy Porter’s social worker and child/family advocate page is a go!

Unfortunately, the set up is likely the easiest part. Click a few boxes, buy the domain and automatically install some tools. I had help with putting that together. The tough part will be the discipline to post and share regularly. My career in social work has given me exposure to so much, and I have lots to share with other families to help them thrive during tough times.

Not all the posts will be about social work and children’s advocacy issues. I hope to share more about myself as a woman, a mom, a professional, a Bay Area resident, a music lover, dachshund momma, and so much more.

Suzy Porter Social WorkerA bit about me, Suzy Porter, I am a dedicated children and family services professional, that is accustomed to working with parents to provide their children a more stable and more positive home environment. My goal is to prepare and equip guardians with the information and support needed to create a positive atmosphere in which their families can coexist and work together as one. We can all use a little help now and then, especially when our children are going through a tough period. To know more about my social worker role, watch a short Suzanne Porter video on YouTube:

Thank you for visiting and hopefully we can learn and share from one another and make a better world for our kids.

-Suzanne Porter, Social worker

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